Monday, March 16, 2020

Helping Homeless

Helping homeless help themselves

There is a point in homelessness when rejoining the community is virtually impossible.

Homeless Missionary Group

Mission Statement:

Empowering the homeless, educating the public. Helping those that help themselves, Homeless  Missionary Group volunteers will receive food and shelter. Our vision is to establish communities where ecology and sustainability are conducive to self help. We will acquire properties, develop housing and grow food. 
A sanctuary for humans 
A shelter in the forest
A wood burning hearth
A rain water cistern
A perennial food forest
It's that simple.
Our community will market its products and create income for residents. After market products will be distributed to those with needs and other interested agencies or groups.
Our outreach will be unique developing relationships between volunteers who are also experiencing homelessness, other volunteers and clients. Our first time homeless volunteers will distribute water to others on the street. 

Products,programs and services:
At present there is one volunteer who is distributing bottles of water, at his own expense. In the next step, with the next volunteer we will meet with administrators of food banks and other organizations to seek assistance or partnerships. Any food that is available to us will be useful to feed those who need it, utilizing a park equipped with a pavilion and grill we will prepare meals. As we grow we can schedule other cook-outs at more locations. In the future we will sell our own products produced in our ECO Life Parks.

Operational Plan:
At this stage we are looking for donated space or funding for office space. Once we have a base to work from we will focus on legalities, permits, licensing, insurance coverage etc. We will also seek advisers and professional consultants to help with organizational structure.

Impact Plan:
Moving willing homeless clients to an environment that is conducive towards self help, we will reduce homeless populations on the streets. Our homeless clients will be able to move up from volunteering for basic needs to meaningful paying jobs. Thanks for reading the Earthxy | Helping Homeless post.

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