Saturday, September 26, 2020

Earthxy | Shed Model 246g

The Earthxy Shed Model 246g

This garden shed is 4 feet wide 2 feet deep 6 feet high Detailed drawings including materials all cuts and assembly are $12.90 including tax. The kit is approx $425 + shipping & tax DIY assembly. Built on sight price is $425 + $100 and $1 a mile from Pensacola Fl.

Double doors open to 3 feet 4 inches shelves and garden tool holders can be added. It can be bolted to the concrete a wood floor, or anchored to the ground.

Earthxy garden sheds are built very sturdy with exterior plywood and 2x4s that are bolted together and can be anchored to concrete (recommended) or a wood floor anchored with trailer anchors. the model below is model g246 and the kit sells for $1,200 plus shipping. We also have complete detailed DIY plans that include hardware materials cuts and assembly $12.90 includes tax. 10% of every sale will help create Human ECO Life Parks  

10% of all sales and 100% of all donations will help create Human ECO Life Parks

Thank you for reading the Earthxy blog Shed Model 246g post please comment share and follow our progress.

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