Saturday, September 5, 2020

Earthxy | Sheds

Earthxy sheds are unique, portable expandable, and affordably assembled. Panels that bolt together and can be unbolted to move or expand. We have DIY plans or kits that can be shipped, you bolt together or we will build on sight. 

Model 16611

 Bolt or unbolt to expand move or transport

All panels bolt together with 3/8" bolts

Model 862w/fp/fd/sp

Garden Shed Model g246

Hexagon models

Model 840

Model 862

To expand remove panels

A standard door can be added

We can work together to create the perfect plan for you.

All donations will help to create Human ECO Life Parks.

Thank you for reading the Earthxy blog Sheds post, please comment like share, and follow our progress.

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