Saturday, July 10, 2021

Earthxy | Planting Pumpkins

Planting Pumpkins or any plant for that matter one of the first things to consider is what grows good with it, and what are the characteristics of every plant you will plant with it. One of the most recognized combinations in companion planting is the three sisters corn pole beans and squash. Pumpkin is a squash other companions include marigolds lavender marjoram sunflower nasturtiums. Planting Pumpkins directly in a mound in the ground. Pumpkins require a lot of ground the vines grow up to 100' but they can be controlled just gently put them where you want them. A pumpkin hill needs rich soil and 100 sq. ft. around it, hills should be a minimum of 4' apart, plant about 6 seeds per hill 1" apart. Now the corn plantings 2' from the center of the mound 2' apart in a circle that gives you 6 plantings of corn and do 2 plantings of beans between the corn plantings that will give you 12 plantings of beans. Plant the corn seed 2" deep and the beans 1" deep thin out the weakest plants after they are 3" tall. Mix herb and flower seeds scatter them and cover small seeds lightly and larger seeds 1/2".

We will be practicing World health organization advice for the public.

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