Advertising proposal graphics

Advertising proposal graphics

Hello! Please consider this advertising proposal;
 In exchange for sponsoring the donation of graphics for our bus, the graphics will include your advertisement and list your company as a sponsor of Human ECO Life Parks and the Homeless Missionary Group. If this proposal interests you. I would like to meet with you at your convenience. Please visit our website or email

Human ECO Life Parks

A sanctuary for humans 
A shelter in the forest
A wood-burning hearth
A rainwater cistern
A perennial food forest
 It's that simple. 😊

Impact Plan:

Moving willing homeless clients to an environment that is
conducive to self-help, will reduce homeless populations on the streets. Our homeless clients will be able to move up from volunteering for basic needs to meaningful paying jobs.

Homeless Missionary Group

Mission Statement:

Helping those that help themselves, homeless missionary group volunteers will receive food and shelter. Empowering the homeless and educating the public, our vision is to establish communities where ecology and sustainability are conducive to self-help.

Our outreach will be unique developing relationships between volunteers who are also experiencing homelessness, other volunteers, and clients. Our first-time homeless volunteers will distribute water to others on the street.

 Text (850) 760 7757 thank you
Larry Weber 

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