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 The Earthxy Sheds buildings and homes start with a panel. They are portable expandable and affordable. Panels bolt together and bolt to concrete, bolt to a wood floor or tie-down on level ground with steel anchors. Panels can be unbolted to move transport or expand. 

Panels are sturdily built with 2x4s and T111 plywood

Bolted together with 3/8 or 5/16 bolts

This is an Earthxy Sheds design by Larry Weber Model 16611 showing an expansion option below. 

Options to expand the flat roof gives the option for a second floor or roof deck.

Model G246 Garden shed

This is an Earthxy Sheds Tiny dome home design by Larry Weber model 862 / w fireplace solar panel, and full standard entry. The living area is also the bedroom all you need is a futon, Washer, dryer, fridge, and, stove. ceiling clearance differs with different models, all models are easily portable and expandable.

Here are some sketches and views

Here is an expansion idea, there are many options and we are happy to work with you on your ideas. The flat roof on this example gives the option for a second floor or roof deck.

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