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 Helping create Human Eco-Life Parks as a volunteer

We need a social media webmaster or web technician with no experience needed to live and learn.

The earthxy base camps are a meeting place for like-minded people interested in improving life on earth. Volunteers will be evaluated after three days and one day off. Travel will not be offered to all volunteers. Shelter and food will be provided for volunteers. It is more important to be helpful and friendly to others than work hard physically. 

Products, programs, and services:
At present, there is one volunteer who is distributing bottles of water to the homeless on the streets in Pensacola FL, at his own expense. In the next step, with the next volunteer, we will meet with administrators of food banks and other organizations to seek assistance or partnerships. Any food that is available to us will be useful to feed those who need it, utilizing a park equipped with a pavilion and grill we will prepare meals. As we grow we can schedule other cook-outs at more locations. In the future, we will sell our own products produced in our ECO Life Parks

Any skill; 

Legal; fundraising and technical; No travel involved, though you are welcome to.

Outreach; Distributing water and food on the streets interviewing

Shelter; Carrying, Clearing, Gathering, Building 

Fire; Carrying, Clearing, Gathering, Building 

Water; Serving Carrying, Collecting, Filtering 

Food; Serving Carrying, Gathering, Cleaning, Cooking

If you want to travel and volunteer leave a comment.

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