Human Eco-Life

Human ECO-Life
Human Eco-Life Parks are; Food forests or forest gardens for foraging and camping

A sanctuary for humans 
A shelter in the forest
A wood-burning hearth
A rainwater cistern
A perennial food forest garden

 It's that simple. 😊

Impact Plan

 Moving willing human clients to an environment that is conducive to self-help and self-sufficiently, will reduce homeless populations on the streets. Our homeless clients will be able to move up from volunteering to help create and maintain eco-life parks for basic needs to meaningful paying jobs.
 Restoring distressed land to an Eco-friendly habitat for all life, using native and compatible imported plants and animals beneficial to the environment and human habitation. 
 Jobs will be created and products will be sold. There are many options to be utilized that our properties may supply to create cash flow such as camping open to the public use for events eco-tours agriculture products and more. 

Operational Plan

At this stage, we are looking for donated space or funding for office space. Once we have a base to work from we will focus on legalities, permits, licensing, insurance coverage, etc. We will also seek advisers and professional consultants to help with organizational structure.

IN the USA, ECO Life Parks, I am envisioning many properties throughout the USA. Smaller properties would be similar to KOA larger properties Similar to State Parks. The major difference would be landscaping incorporating food forests into the natural environment.


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