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Keep it simple, preparing for a garden is a lot of work. If you choose just 5 to 10 plants and do the research and planning to be successful that is plenty for a first time gardener. I still consider myself a newbie to gardening after 20+ years. There are always successes and failures, there is no end to the learning curve. The most useful thing that I have learned is to make a plan that fits the space you have designated for your garden. Consider sunlight, shade, and terrain, do the research, different plants have different needs, sunlight, shade, soil, drainage, and more. There is no end to new and improved techniques and discoveries. That said there is also no better teacher than experience, so I suggest just get started, get your feet wet and your hands dirty. I have a new property that I can use in NW Florida and I'm going to share my plan and progress here on the earthxy blog. Garden page.

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July 15, 2020
We are doing a lot of work on the property here in NW Florida The owner is allowing us to use this as our base camp in exchange for doing some work on an old building. He's offered to rent it cheap when we're done. We have about 1/3 acre and I am going to plant about half of that. The owner is giving us quite a bit of leeway. I bought seeds last week and I'm planning and preparing the ground to plant a fall garden. The beginnings of a food forest that I will visit on my nomadic travels.

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