Suitable Properties

We will be constantly searching out possible suitable properties and posting available properties here. Most agricultural properties and recreational use of land will be suitable. Two acres + is preferred for the Human ECO Life Parks. Other properties may be suitable for our outreach or retail outlets for our products. We will also be looking for private landowners who will allow us on their property. In return, we will clean up properties and work toward a sustainable and natural environment. If you are a landowner and you would like to include responsible humans on your property (temporary basis) leave a comment or call me (850) 760 7750. In the future, we will want to obtain permits for use of government properties, forests, preserves, and parks. We've got to get ourselves back in the garden, including responsible humans living with and in nature. There are protected areas for many plants and animals. Why shouldn't we include responsible humans?

Possible  Suitable Properties resources

We can also include properties that can be improved and resold at a profit or utilized by a client.

If you like what we are doing comment share and follow progress. Thanks for reading the Earthxy blog Suitable Properties page.

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