Thursday, March 1, 2018

Earthxy | Youth Volunteers

You can be a Youth Volunteer at the Earthxy camps if you are at least 16 with a parents consent form. If you are 18-25 no consent form is needed. Youth Volunteers generally work 4 - 6 hours a day at the base camps. On adventures it is more like you are along for the adventure. Not all Youth Volunteers will be invited to continue on adventures. We can only invite volunteers as thay are needed, volunteers will be voted in to adventures by partisipents of the adventure. It is better to be friendly and helpfull to others than to work hard.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Travel | Volunteer

Earthxy - Travel | Volunteer
The earthxy base camp is a meeting place for like minded people interested in improving life on earth. Opportunities to travel and volunteer to make a difference.

Volunteers will be evaluated after three days and one day off. Travel will not be offered to all volunteers. Shelter and food will be provided for volunteers with a minimum of four hours work a day. We have a maximum six hour work day, two or three hours in the morning at least a two hour break and two or three hours in the afternoon or evening. It is more important to be helpful and friendly to others than work hard physically.

Travel and volunteer duties will be supervised. Duties are categorized and sub categorized.

  Carrying , Clearing, Gathering, Building

  Carrying, Clearing, Gathering, Building

  Carrying, Collecting, Filtering

  Carrying, Gathering, Cleaning, Cooking

Thanks for reading the Earthxy Blog. If you want to travel and volunteer leave a comment.