We are here on earth to be stewards of all that the creator has given us. Our purpose is to acquire land, heal the life that is in the land. Learn and teach sustainability, using permaculture techniques. Food forests and native wild plants are the beginning of Heaven on earth. Loving one another, with no violence, no greed.



  1. how can I find out who the people are that are involved in this endeavor. Want to research more. I am in Pensacola. thank you. geraldine

    1. If you are still interested in more information call or better text me (863) 484-0643 I am in Pensacola also.

  2. Hi Geraldine, thank you for your interest. My name is Larry Weber I am a homeless man at this time and many more excuses for not replying to your comment sooner please accept my apology. I have been more active on Fb recently https://www.facebook.com/U.H.E.L.P.arks/?view_public_for=636034053400838. please check it out. for further communication you can email larry.earthxy@gmail.com I hope to hear more from you. Constructive criticism is welcome.