Executive Summary

Mission Statement;

Helping those that help themselves, Human ECO Life Parks volunteers will receive food and shelter. Empowering the homeless and educating the public, our vision is to establish communities where ecology and sustainability are conducive to self-help. We will acquire properties, develop housing, and grow food.

A sanctuary for humans 
A shelter in the forest
A wood-burning hearth
A rainwater cistern
A perennial food forest
It's that simple.

Our community will market its products and create income for residents. Unsold products will be distributed to those with needs and other interested agencies or groups.
Our outreach will be unique developing relationships between people who are experiencing homelessness, other volunteers, and clients. Our first-time volunteers will do outreach work distributing water to others on the street. 

Products, programs, and services:

At present, there is one volunteer who is distributing bottles of water, at his own expense. In the next step, with the next volunteer, we will meet with administrators of food banks and other organizations to seek assistance or partnerships. Any food that is available to us will be useful to feed those who need it, utilizing a park equipped with a pavilion and grill we will prepare meals. As we grow we can schedule other cook-outs at more locations. In the future, we will sell our own products produced in our ECO Life Parks.

Operational Plan:

At this stage, we are looking for donated space or funding for office space. Once we have a base to work from we will focus on legalities, permits, licensing, insurance coverage, etc. We will also seek advisers, and professional consultants, to help with organizational structure.

Instructions for Articles of Incorporation (FL NonProfit) 

Down Town Pensacola small business consulting

Impact Plan:

Moving willing homeless clients to an environment that is conducive to self-help, will reduce homeless populations on the streets. Our homeless clients will be able to move up from volunteering for basic needs to meaningful paying jobs.
 The goal is to acquire land that can be used as a base camp for our operations. We will also be looking for private landowners who will allow our adventures and camps on their property. In return, we will clean up the property and work toward a sustainable and natural environment. It's time to include responsible humans in preserves and parks. Our volunteer and client structure will have three levels. Level one is anyone who registers as a client or volunteer (without prejudice). Level two will be voted in with 100% approval by others in level two, and if needed voted out by a 2/3 majority. Level two will be invited to join our base camps. Level three will be voted in with 100% approval by others in level three, and if needed voted out by 51% majority. This system will allow us to stay on track. Helping those willing to help themselves.

Financial Plan:

Summary of past and future, just starting out.
Cash flow statements
Balance sheets
Income statements

Budget including salaries; 

Approximate temporary budget;  25% Legalities; license, insurance, etc.  25% Operational; office space, utilities, supplies, marketing. 25% Homeless needs; 25% Acquiring and improving suitable properties for our Human ECO Life Parks.

Potential revenue;

List of potential revenue and details explaining the approach to acquiring them.
After purchasing suitable transportation and properties we can earn revenue.
Selling sheds, and tiny homes, built by clients and volunteers.
Selling produce plants and seeds from our food forest.
Eco-tourism. food forest tours and cabin rentals.
Camping, RV Campers Tents.

Business partners;


Major donors;

Monthly donors;

Annual donors;

Government grants;

Foundation grants;


Fundraising events;

Nonprofit's debts and incomes; (bonds, holdings, endowments).


Resumes of key staff
Board member list
Pertinent charts and graphs
Promotional material
Letters of endorsement
Details of market research
Operational and financial structure
Organizational flow chart
Current financial budget
List of board directors
IRS status letter
Balance sheets

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